The following are but some of the products offered by ACMI. This is by no means a complete listing of all of our products but rather the items we try to keep in stock. Embossed items shown can also be ordered without the embossing to give the much sought after look of “simple” elegance. All “stock” mouldings are Poplar and we do not stock specialty species of any of our mouldings. All mouldings can be manufactured in any species you like but the time and availability and price will vary from item to item.

We also create custom profiles and mouldings for our customers so please do not hesitate to call and ask if you don’t see anything you are looking for.

Cornice Assembly Mouldings

Cornice Mouldings

Chair Rail Mouldings and Assemblies

Door & Window Casings

Baseboard Mouldings & Assemblies

Corner Blocks

Wood Hand Carvings

Hand-Carved Mouldings

Designer Hardwood Mouldings

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