Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What species of wood does ACMI use?
 Anything. We stock most profiles in Poplar but any combination of wood species and moulding profiles can be purchased. If ordering other than Poplar, there will be associated fees with this change. Please contact us for pricing.

Q: What items do you carry in stock. 
A: Most of the items you see in these pages are stocked in Poplar paint grade. When speaking of Hand Carvings, all items are stocked in Lime wood.

Q: What is Lime wood?
 Lime wood is best described as one of the softest “hardwoods” there is. This wood is very good for staining and painting and can be finished to match just about any wood species on the market.

Q: Why makes ACMI’s items quality the best?
 We here at ACMI we work everyday to set ourselves above everyone else in the industry. We take all minimum requirements set forth in this industry and improve to produce a more consistent and quality product. For example, this is why we use Hand carving rather than Machine carving. Better care goes in so better quality comes out.

Q: What lengths do you carry in stock and is there a minimum order requirement?
 Most of our Mouldings are between 3 and 16 feet long. Some of our more popular items are sold in 1.4 or 2.8 meters (6 or 8 feet). Other than that, you order will be filled with what is in stock. There is no minimum requirement for mouldings or carved items, although any moulding order under 250 feet of an item not in stock will incur a $250 moulding set up fee and any items that also/or require embossing will incur a $75 embossing set-up fee.

Q: Do you except orders for specified lengths?
 Lengths can be specified but there would be an up charge associated with the request.

Q: Do you sell to the public?
A: Absolutely. We are more than happy to sell to the general public but pricing is better through an established account with greater pricing through bulk.

Q: What is the lead time on orders?
 For all mouldings, the lead time for stock items is shipment within 10 business days. In-stock carvings ship within 3 business days of order. All special ordered mouldings will be shipped within 3 weeks and all special order Hand carvings are based on the specific request. Contact us for details.

Q: Where can I buy your items?
 ACMI has several vendors of our product and if you simply call us we can either sell directly to you or we can direct you to your nearest dealer.

Q:  I want to have a piece of Antique furniture duplicated… can you do that?
 Yes we can. We pride ourselves on being able to make anything your heart desires. We have an in house design staff ready to assist in designing anything you want. Please give us a call and let us know what you are looking for.

Q: I would like to sell your products, what can I do to set myself up as a retailer?
 Simply contact us and we can set forth pricing and volume discounts and set up an in-house account to allow you to purchase by PO if you wish.

Q: How can I see what else you have to offer?
 If there is something in particular you are looking for but do not see it on this site, please feel free to give us a call and tell us what you are looking for. Chances are we either have it, can make it, or can point you in the right direction to get what you need.

Q: How large of a project is ACMI capable of handling?
 There is no job too large for us here at ACMI. We have done jobs ranging from a single piece of furniture, to an entire resort. 

Q: How do you ship you items?
 Any items we ship under 8 feet in length are shipped by UPS. Shipping charges will be billed to customer. If an order has items over 8 feet in length, we will then be required to ship by freight. In shipping freight we shop around for the best prices for your particular needs.


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