Wood Hand Carvings

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Using skills passed down from generation to generation to our team of hand carvers allows us to present to you this amazing new range of wood carvings and decorations. We truly believe that our carvings are far superior to any other in the industry.

Unlike many carvings on the market these are truly and 100% “hand-carved”. This means there are no machines used in the carving process in turn giving you a superior product for painting or staining. All of the products are meticulously hand-sanded to give a near perfect finished product.

These traditional designs (as well as a few newer ones) are manufactured from Lime Wood and can be stained or painted to match any décor allowing you to use one product to range across any species of wood that these items will compliment. We do take orders for any of these products in a variety of species if you like though. Since any varying species would be a special order, the turn around time is considerable.

We also do custom work based on your personal designs if you wish, but again the turn around time is a bit lengthy. A wood sealer is recommended prior to staining or painting. All hand carved Corbels have been keyed on the back for easy instillation.

All measurements for hand carved items are given as Width x Length/Height x Depth.

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